Posted by: Carol Sill | March 31, 2008

It’s Done

It was great to blog on this as it was happening, and now that the detox is done, I wonder about its long-term effects.  We believed it would do us good, but this was on faith. Actually, after it was over, when the intensity of the concentrated attention I was bringing to the process, when the self-discipline needed to keep it going every day let down, I found I was just, well, tired. Then James was also feeling a little under the weather too. I was disappointed, half expecting that there would be a surge of positive energy after the whole thing was over.

We have both stayed with the recommended whole foods diet so far and haven’t reintroduced any sugar or very much dairy at all, and haven’t gone back to wheat in any form yet. But the energy level we were in during the detox is more subdued. Which is why I didn’t bother to get back to this blog for a wrap-up of the experience. Reorganization of the system I suppose.

Now I see its benefits – this is the 5th day since we completed the detox, and I do feel a surge of enthusiasm for spring, and a long-term dedication to eating right and more healthily from now on. We were doing very well actually before the detox, so this isn’t that much more difficult – continuing with healthy veggies and other good stuff….

Somehow knowing that we did it feels good to me. Yes, we can do it, and now it’s “on with life!”

Posted by: Carol Sill | March 26, 2008

Final Day – Yes! Day 12!

I’m surprised that we made it this far. Today is the final day of this Wild Rose herbal detox, and it has been a roller coaster of feelings both physical and emotional. Now what? We’ll get through this day and be ready for the opening into new foods – stuff we took for granted before the detox began. Oranges, mushrooms, grapes, the works!

But James and I have both decided to try to stay with this way of eating for some time now and not get into the land of cake and pie. More on the detox once this day is done.

Yesterday was Day 11 and I was already feeling a bit of slippage – put a little salt on the fish, but otherwise we have been totally yogic about following this regime. I feel it has paid off, as we are now lighter and, hopefully, healthier. Yesterday was a little like the first couple of days, bathroom-wise, and that surprised me. Also I still feel physically weak, can’t get back into my exercise regime until this is done. Walking is enough for now.

One thing I’m really looking forward to is the expansion of my focus, away from the me me me and food food food that this detox brought about in me.

One plant helper in this detox is the blossom of red clover. This lovely plant is ubiquitous around the world and has been used forever for many ills and balancings. It was considered a charm in the middle ages to ward off evil spirits and witches. But then witches used clover too, so who can say? It seems like a real western stand-by all-good herb, and one little google revealed more info than I can possibly share here.

Next post, I’ll do a wrap-up.

Posted by: Carol Sill | March 24, 2008

Good Morning! Day 10

Feeling terrific this morning, and can’t wait for this to be over. Yes it is Day 10. And there have been many hills and valleys on the road to this wonderful morning.  Physically all seems fine. Except evenings when I notice my heart beating quickly and some sort of strange unrecognizable feeling that can’t be explained.  But emotionally – well it’s been a roller coaster. A regular afternoon thunderstorm.

Not anger, but tears. I wonder if it is because I don’t have some of the foods I normally use to match and/or alleviate certain emotions – or if it is because I’d be feeling this way anyways – or if it is some old stored underfeeling that is being released and is part of the cleanse – or if it’s a combination of all this. I’m also feeling “hungry” but it’s more like phantom limb syndrome, because I am getting plenty to eat. So my mind is hungry. That’s what this cleanse has revealed to me – food (like sex) is in the mind as well as in the body. I will, as they say, chew on that for a long while after this cleanse is completed.

Catching up with Day 9 – mostly smooth and without the expected afternoon thunderstorm. Last few days I’ve had emotional dips at around 3 or 4, but yesterday it wasn’t like that. I kept myself busier and distracted. We went out and looked in bookstores, and had an easy afternoon, so I returned feeling refreshed and up, not in the little pool of poor me tears that had overtaken me the past couple of days.

I can see the end now, and we’ll be staying with the food choices for a while after stopping the herbs, then gradual re-entry. I realized today just how isolated this whole detox has made me. Not reaching out as much, and mostly keeping to myself, reading and letting things take their course. The books: Specimen Days – fantastic. Now it’s The Line of Beauty – exquisite. (Two of the great hardcover remainders I picked up at Chapters.)

And as I write this update post I’m also dyeing my hair – can’t help but wonder about the addition of chemicals into my system at the same time as trying to flush them out! A modern paradox.

To be continued…….

Posted by: Carol Sill | March 22, 2008

Day 8 Already?

Okay, I need to catch up here. Day 6 was extremely intense, and it took a great deal of will power or something to stay with the detox plan. It started smoothly and easily, and I felt the usual sense of empty well-being at the beginning of another day. There is a kind of regularity that takes hold with this plan, a simplicity and balance that’s just there. I love that part of the experience.

Well – balance was shattered mid-afternoon when I had to look after kids in a medical emergency, and ravenous due to stress I was eating rice cakes, an apple, whatever was permitted. But because I was in someone else’s home the foods were all 403 forbidden! Toughed it out. Came home and made a late dinner – eating after 8 is not part of the smooth and easy balance I’d been in. The stress or emotional feelings around the medical problem were settled by the time we were sitting down to dinner, but I was slightly zombified by it all. And sheepish that my own little detox issue was there for me while there were more genuine problems to be solved. Once again, it’s back to that “All about me” syndrome that I noticed happening when I do this.

Day 7

Caught up with the natural rhythms again, and did a bit of good shopping – frozen berries forever! We went over to English Bay and walked along the seawall with all the other Good Friday promenaders then sat in the lounge at the Sylvia (one of my favourite places) and had what we could from their menu: a coffee. Black.  I avoided the computer for much of the day and settled in to really enjoying the senses.

The evening felt a little transitional though, a bit rough. I was aware of the herbs doing their work much of the evening. Not totally unpleasant but not your average night either.

And now it is (drum roll)….

Day 8!  Almost done. Downhill from here. What will the day bring?

Posted by: Carol Sill | March 20, 2008

Day 6: Smooth Sailing!

Indeed, everything is right with the world (mostly) (or at least the world of the detox). There are the ups and downs within as my system continues to sort itself out and process it all. A few bleak moments – like James looking at the set of pills before dinner saying I’ll never do this again.

Now the worst seems to be over, I can put my nose up into the air and have a few ideas on what to do with these basic foods we are eating. Getting out the spices, buying some rice cakes, finding ways to have different textures, different tastes. It isn’t all dull. Missing salt, missing sweet, missing – what? the variety or the scope, I suppose.

Chew chew chew. Drink drink drink. X marks another day on the calendar.

No great highs, still a little weepy or more tender than usual in my emotional realm, but sleeping well and feeling mostly energized during the day. So I call it smooth sailing for now.

Carscara sagrada bark – one of the ingredients from the plant kingdom, means “sacred bark” and I’m glad that this sacred bark is making everything very smooth. They say it’s been used for at least 1000 years for the same purpose I’m using it for these few 12 days. I like the idea that something that helps your bowel work well is called “sacred” – a real understanding of the body as the temple, whatever its function. Oh and yes indeed, the sacred bark is gently working its wonders!

Posted by: Carol Sill | March 19, 2008

Me and My Details

Yesterday was Day 4, and I didn’t even post here. Feeling more empty, and free inside physically, but there is emotional stuff going on that wasn’t there the first few days when I was just concerned with the effects on the body.

“Irritability” the instructions said. Well for me it was “sadness” – felt quite weepy much of the day, and then “bored” with the food choices. I wasn’t even interested in the dinner particularly, didn’t eat all of it. Not that it was meagre by any means, I just didn’t have the taste interest. Part of this could be just exhaustion due to (what seemed like) a long walk. By night however I was no longer in the throes of Dame Melancholia, and in fact felt really good.

But “hunger” – wow! when it’s time for a meal I really am ready for it!

And did I mention that this detox is All About Me. Oh yes, completely self-absorbed and focused on me and my details – what I feel, how is my body, what am I eating, what am I thinking. No wonder I’m getting bored!

It’s the morning of  Day 5, and I’m hopeful – and feeling good. So I wonder what’s in store….maybe the worst is over?

Here’s a tip: Watch comedies. DVD comedies. Laugh and forget for an hour or so. They do wonders.

Posted by: Carol Sill | March 17, 2008

Gentle but Strong!

Yesterday’s Day 2 headache was gentle but strong, and persistent. I just toughed it out, and was also weaker than usual, but suddenly – at around 4 or 5 – an energy burst waved through me. Wow, so this is what it’s like! That soon ebbed again. But the purge had begun, both last night and this morning. Oh yes – and I’ll spare you the details, only to say it’s a good idea to have reading materials in the loo for such occasions. I didn’t do any work or thought yesterday afternoon,  too spaced out really to do much of anything except read and watch telly.

Day 3

Today, Day 3, featured the rush for the bathroom that I’d been anticipating, and James and I are both feeling much lighter! Still on the beam with the recommended foods. Almonds seem like gifts of the gods.

I did a search on Barberry Root Bark, one of the herbs in this concoction – found it to be ubiquitous and well-used. I didn’t have an immediate poetic connection with it, like I had with the bearberry, but did see that this barberry root bark has been used for dyes and to help make the hair blonde. I recall some other name for it that had to do with jaundice. Isn’t it interesting that something that makes things yellow is actually a liver cleanser? yellow to balance yellow somehow. Just a detox thought.

Posted by: Carol Sill | March 16, 2008

Detox Dramas: Shifting the Electrical Field

Day 1 was easier on my body than I thought it would be. I won’t go into the food details, but it is all pure and good. I went to the store and came back laden with veggies veggies veggies, while James went to Save On Meats for free-range non-medicated chicken. I stuffed the fridge righteously, with plans for a beautiful simple meal. It was a much milder effect than I’d been expecting, so aside from being a little spaced out, and napping in the late afternoon, I had none of the side effects listed in the pamphlet as possible for the first few days.

You know McLuhan said that we have now exteriorize our nervous system in this electrical communications  environment. I was totally aware of that when our power went out in the building. In the whole strata complex.  On the whole block. And it stayed off! All that beautiful food stuffed in the fridge, those frozen berries….I became a little anxious about it all.

Dinnertime loomed and the little almonds just weren’t enough, all cooking at our place is electric and we couldn’t face cold salad for the Day 1 late meal. We needed simple and whole – grilled salmon with vegetables, so James and I took a 2 for 1 coupon (from the Georgia Straight) and walked over to the Water Street Cafe.

He joked with the waiter that it may look as if we were carrying out a suicide pact together as I laid out all our pre-meal pills (6 each) and the dark vial of tincture. Back home in the silent unpowered environment, our apartment seemed preternaturally calm. I lit candles and we settled in to drain the laptop watching Hitchcock’s Shadow of a Doubt on dvd.

It was a bit of a stress-test for the detox – no light in the bathroom, just a little general anxiety about food, but why not continue with the program: as Tina Turner once sang: “What’s electricity Got To Do With It?”  We are keeping on. And the awareness of the electrical field has become part of this process, too.

Morning: Day 2

Fruit and water and no way to cook anything. We took our laptops to Blake’s where I’m writing this post, sipping peppermint tea. Woke up with a terrific thirst and big headache, which is now just a persistent little nag. Otherwise feeling so sharp!

Posted by: Carol Sill | March 15, 2008

Helpers from The Plant Kingdom

Here are the names of the helpers from the Plant Kingdom who will be performing this detox:

For bile: black radish root, barberry root bark, dandelion root – and their companions: ginger root, parsley root, marshmallow root, cramp bark and wood betony herb.

For laxative: Carscara sagrada bark, turkey rhubarb root, buckthorn bark, barberry root bark – and their companions: ginger root, fennel seed, red raspberry leaf, cayenne fruit.

For cleansing: Red clover blossoms, burdock root, ecinacea herb, mullein leaf, uva ursi leaf, parsley leaf, marshmallow root

Extract group: licorice root, yarrow herb/flowers, uva ursi leaf, juniper berries, corn silk styles, burdock root.

I think I should get to know them better.

Just googled “uva ursi” which looked like it had something “Bear” in the latin name – found out it is also “bearberry” and I think of the constellations – the “great bear” Ursa major. I looked at a few of these online, but I never ever could see the animals and shapes that they say are represented. The big dipper does make sense though, and I see that as the first poetic image of this day’s detox. Aligning north.

This star map reminds me of a chemical diagram.  Is there a resonant correspondence between chemical components and stellar alignments, but we just don’t know how to read it?

big dipper/ursa major

Posted by: Carol Sill | March 15, 2008

Day 1: Swallowing the First Pills

At breakfast we sat and I doled out the pills – two each from 3 bottles, then 30 drops of the liquid. I don’t know what these things are; I’ve read the ingredient list but not being an herbalist I just see names.

James said they seemed primoridial, and so they are. Compressed energetic forces from the kingdom of plants, more ancient than we are as human beings. But also they are here to help us. Or so I tell myself as we wash them down with our fruit herbal tea. The oatmeal is a little clunky without milk, but I’m used to having only the berries as sweetening. Down the hatch. And wait. For what?

I set up this blog, James went to his studio to paint. Now that it’s later in the morning I notice a few changes, nothing to even write about. Just a breath with a different taste in my mouth. I guess its starting to take effect.

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